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Our history….


Stewart & Sons Auto Detail is more than just a name, it’s an institution inspired by the tremendous work ethic of Michael’s elders, namely his late grandfather Rev. John D. Stewart.  Michael’s grandfather began his entrepreneurial career in 1917 by investing in Granite Dells, a small barbeque joint, located in Prescott, AZ and building it into one of most favored eating and dancing places in the community. In 1922, he moved his family to Santa Barbara, CA where he worked for the Santa Fe Railroad and began successful janitorial and catering businesses after hours.


He relocated the family business to Bakersfield, CA in 1941 where he grew the Stewart & Sons Janitor & House Cleaning  business into a household name. He sold that business and opened the Stewart hotel in San Luis Obispo, CA. He later sold that business too and went into full-time ministry until his death at age 95!


That incredible work ethic is part of Michael’s genetic make-up and has allowed him to enjoy careers in a number of industries, specifically a 10-year career in the National Football League. (7 years - LA Rams and 3 years - Miami Dolphins) He has also worked as a financial advisor with a number of major financial institutions. He continues to be a community leader, mentor to at-risk youth, and serves as a marriage mentor with his wife, Nina, at Hope’s House Christian Ministries. He is a proud father of 6 children and 2 grandchildren.


Why have your vehicle professionally detailed? It is one of your most valuable possessions and by maintaining a clean interior and exterior you will preserve the value of your investment.


What are the benefits of using Stewart & Sons Auto Detail? They use the finest products, latest detailing techniques, and provide supreme

attention to detail! By selecting the Ultimate Detail service Stewart & Sons Auto Detail will return your vehicle to you showroom ready.


Stewart & Sons Auto Detail promotes hard work and exceeds expectation by meticulously completing each job. We look forward to getting your vehicle clean, keeping it clean and doing it with the faithfulness that has served the Stewart name for decades.

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